On The issues

Keeping Queens Home


Daniel Rosenthal understands that quality of life matters to all residents of Queens. He has hosted dozens of workshops, walk throughs and advocacy days with various city agencies to ensure that Queens stays a safe and vibrant home for all.

Protecting the Middle Class


After saving the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge and a dozen small businesses, Daniel will continue to fight for higher wages, more affordable housing and increased worker rights.

Investing in Our Children


Daniel Rosenthal secured over $1 million in funding for schools, libraries and after-school programs. He will continue to secure resources for our future leaders.

Increasing Public Health Access


Daniel Rosenthal fought to protect New Yorkers from the dangers of recalled medication. In the Assembly, he will continue to fight the ever rising cost of prescription drugs and increase access to healthy foods.

Reforming NYCHA


Hundreds of NYCHA residents have Daniel Rosenthal's office to thank for addressing their needs. He will continue to fight for increased NYCHA funding and greater accountability from management.

Fighting for Worker Rights


Daniel Rosenthal proudly stands with his constituents of IBEW Local 3. He will continue to advocate for the rights of organized labor and strong wages for our working families. 

Combatting Anti-Semitism


In light of the recent spike in anti-semitic incidents, Daniel Rosenthal secured increased police presence at our synagogues and funding for educational campaigns. Daniel continues to be a leading voice against hateful rhetoric in New York.

Environmental Advocacy


Daniel Rosenthal is proud of his strong record on environmental issues. He received a perfect score on the NYCLV 2019 scorecard and advocates for green infrastructure initiatives across Queens.